StopWaste Guides and Fact Sheets

These guides, compiled by StopWaste, offered information related to reducing waste and environmental impacts across many sectors.  While some of the information is specifically tailored to Alameda County, the general concepts are applicable to all.  Comments and feedback about the information offered within is always welcome.

Meal Kits and Grocery Food Delivery

Best Practices for Reducing Packaging Waste

Packaging used for meal kits and grocery delivery services plays a critical role in food safety and preserving freshness. Considering
your packaging choices can greatly reduce waste and product loss, boost your brand’s sustainability profile, and even cut costs.
*Note, due to COVID-19, some reuse options listed may not be currently available.

Space Guidelines for Recycling, Organics and Refuse Service

This document provides guidelines to help designers of multifamily, commercial and mixed-use buildings plan for recycling collection when designing new buildings or major renovations.

Environmentally Preferable Paper Office Products

This guide helps inform decisions relating to paper products used in an office setting.  Government agencies, schools, businesses and other organizations can easily improve their environmental footprint with a few easy adjustments.

Environmentally Preferable Janitorial Cleaning Products For Commercial Applications

This guide is intended to provide strategies and resources to help government agencies, schools, businesses and other organizations make the transition to environmentally preferrable cleaning products for the health of both their people and the planet.

Converting your Lawn to a Garden with the Sheet Mulch Process

Sheet mulching is an easy process of converting your thirsty lawn to a beautiful, drought-tolerant garden by layering cardboard and mulch right on top of the grass. Learn how to plan your own lawn conversion here.

Environmental Claims on Packaging

This guide is designed to help Alameda County businesses comply with requirements governing environmental marketing claims on packaging. It also provides information about labeling and certification issues related to the recyclability of packaging.