Why Should My Business Use the How2Recycle Label?


The How2Recycle label is in alignment with the Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines on environmental packaging claims (FTC Green Guides). While the FTC does not endorse or certify any claims, companies using the label are consistent with the FTC Green Guides regarding recyclability claims.* Use of the label also signals a company’s sustainable packaging efforts to consumers.

By using the How2Recycle label on your packaging, you can:

  • Participate in a clear recycling label that works across all packaging types.
  • Use a label that provides clear and consistent recycling information to consumers.
  • Use a system that has been developed over many years with input from industry, including the FTC.

* Disclaimer: This guide does not constitute legal advice. The FTC does not approve or endorse any claims, and the How2Recycle label does not provide legal safe harbor from any FTC action. Misuse of How2Recycle may still result in a deceptive claim.

Costs & Incentives

The cost for licensing the use of the How2Recycle label depends on company size and whether the company is also a member of Sustainable Packaging Coalition. Annual fees range from $2,000 to $6,000.  For more information, visit https://how2recycle.info.