Additional Resources

Alameda County Resources

  • StopWaste offers technical assistance to Alameda County public agencies for purchasing environmentally preferable products. The website contains resources such as additional fact sheets, guides and links to other helpful environmental purchasing websites and documents.
  • RecycleWhere?” is an online search tool for Alameda County which helps you determine how and where to recycle any type of recyclable item.
  • Alameda County and the General Services Agency are committed to sharing their resources and experiences to promote green purchasing in public agencies. Policies, success stories, bids, specifications and other resources are available online.

National Organizations

  • Conservatree: A nonprofit organization dedicated to providing technical assistance and the most up-to-date, in-depth information about environmentally sound papers and market developments. Includes listings of all the environmental papers available in the U.S. with lists specialized for large-quantity purchasers or individuals and small-quantity purchasers.
  • The Paper Steps : Sponsored by the Environmental Paper Network and developed and maintained by Canopy (Canada), the Paper Steps help paper buyers compare papers with different environmental attributes to choose the most sustainable options. Includes a listing of papers meeting the top environmental steps.
  • US EPA Comprehensive Procurement Guidelines (CPG): The CPG program is part of EPA’s effort to promote the use of recycled products to federal agencies and other organizations. Product fact sheets on this website give suggested minimums for the amount of recycled content in different types of products.

Documents & Reports

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