Alameda County, California Bid Document: Excerpts for Dispensers, Samples and Reports

1a. Dispensers

Dispensers will be required for some of the cleaning products, while for other products, it will be a desirable specification.  If none is stated, a dispenser is not desired by the County.

All dispensers for the cleaning products must be closed dilution-control system dispensers, which automatically dilute concentrated products using water directly from the water pipes and prevent the concentrated product from being accessed by users.
All dispensers will be provided to the County at no additional cost.

Most dispensers will be installed by the General Services Agency (GSA) Building Maintenance Building (BMD).  If installation is required by the vendor(s), this will be provided to the County at no additional cost.

1e. Samples

The bidders may be requested to furnish 5 gallon sized, in a ready-to-use dilution, sample of product(s) bid for examination by the County.  Any product(s) so requested shall be furnished within five (5) business days from the date of request and furnished at no cost to the County and sent to the GSA-Purchasing Department.

3. Reports

Contractor shall provide electronic quarterly usage reports to the GSA Sustainability Department and to the Purchasing Department Procurement Specialist for Janitorial Cleaning products at no cost to the County. These reports shall be submitted in a Microsoft Excel electronic file and be formatted in such a way as to be sortable.

The County will work with the Vendor(s) to finalize the format of these reports upon contract award. These reports will be issued within three weeks of the close of the previous quarter. Electronic and/or hard copies of these reports shall be sent to additional County business units upon request. Ad hoc reports shall be provided by the Contractor as required at no additional cost. Below is a description of the minimum information that will be included in the report:

  • Purchase date
  • Customer number (provide key)
  • Item part number
  • Item description (e.g., brand, size, color, etc.)
  • Type of unit used for pricing (e.g., each, box)
  • Units purchased (i.e., order quantity)
  • Shipped quantity (if not same as order quantity)
  • Unit price (i.e., charge to customer)
  • Order cost
  • Certification standard met by product, if any (e.g. Green Seal, EcoLogo or DfE (Safer Choice).