King County, Washington Bid Document Excerpts for Training and Labeling

A. Training

Bidders shall offer comprehensive training and materials for the proper use of the chemicals bid including step-by-step instructions for the proper dilution (including chemical dispensing equipment training), use and disposal. Training shall be provided at no additional charge to King County. Bidder shall submit with their bid a description of the training offered to include the following criteria: 

  • On-site initial training for use of products. 
  • Ongoing training either on-site or at designated sites throughout King County. 
  • A phone number, local to Seattle or toll-free, operated by staff knowledgeable of the products bid for a minimum of eight (8) consecutive hours Monday through Friday anytime between 6:00AM and 6:00PM, for departments to call to receive instructions and assistance on product use. 
  • Description of all available training including the scope. 
  • Identification of staff and personnel who conduct the training 

Training format/tools: 

  • Instructional procedural video 
  • Printed resource manual 
  • Brochures or laminated reference cards

B. Labeling

The manufacturer’s label shall state clearly and prominently that dilution with water from the cold tap is recommended and shall state the recommended level of dilution. The manufacturer shall also include detailed instructions for proper use and disposal and for the use of personal protective equipment.