Many governments and businesses have made great strides in buying recycled content paper in the last decade. Still, there is much more that can be done. After all, paper is still the most predominant material in our trash.

The myth of a “paperless society” in the electronic age is just that. Each American on average consumes 700 pounds of paper and paper products each year.  And more than 90% of printing and office paper still does not contain any recycled content.

The next time you stock up on paper for your printer, copy machine, or other office supplies, buy recycled. You’ll help create a demand for the used office paper, old newspapers, and boxes we recycle every day, and you’ll support a wide range of environmental benefits.


The information provided in this Fact Sheet should be considered by public agency and business purchasers who are interested in buying environmentally preferable products. It is provided as a public service by StopWaste in an attempt to provide environmental benefits and reduce costs. The information on products listed is supplied by the manufacturers and vendors. Listing in this Fact Sheet is not a recommendation or an endorsement. This Fact Sheet is not a substitute for the exercise of sound judgment in particular circumstances and is not intended as recommendations for particular products or processes. StopWaste is the Alameda County Waste Management Authority, the Source Reduction and Recycling Board, and the Energy Council operating as one public agency.

This Fact Sheet was last updated in February 2016 by Kies Strategies, Conservatree and StopWaste.