Tips For Buying or Leasing a Copier/Printer

  • Specify that you need a machine that works as well with recycled content paper as with virgin paper. All the major manufacturers have verified that their copiers and printers are fine with recycled paper. In addition, the independent office products testing lab, Buyers Laboratory, Inc., reported that there has been no noticeable difference in runnability between the recycled and virgin paper they use in their test units.
  • Specify an EPEAT Gold, Silver or Bronze rating. The EPEAT standard incorporates several other environmental standards and certifications, including ENERGY STAR and the European Union’s RoHS Directive, which limits heavy metals and brominated flame retardants. In addition, ENERGY STAR qualified copier and printers have a power management feature that reduces energy consumption when the machine is not in use. This “power-down” or “sleep” feature can reduce annual electricity costs by as much as 60%.
  • Double-sided copying and printing multiple pages on a single sheet of paper can reduce paper use up to 50 percent. This saves paper purchasing, storage and mailing costs.